Friday, March 20, 2009

Hanging out in Dubrovnik

Today we woke up late and ate a rather poor breakfast. Then we took off for the first of two business visits. We walked about half an hour to a luxury hotel. It was a brisk walk and it helped to wake us all up after a late night out. The hotel was so nice! We tried to listen to its general manager, but it was difficult because of a fancy waterfall cascading behind her. We then took a tour and several students wanted us to contact our dean to get more money to stay there. Wishful thinking! We spent a lot of time in the spa, fantasizing about swimming there. The hotel had several restaurants, and some of our group had dinner at their sushi restaurant this evening. They report that it was fabulous. It was the first sushi restaurant here in the Dalmatian coast.

We then took a bus to Old Town and had a pizza lunch. Then we visited a fancy restaurant and bubble lounge (although I still have no idea what a bubble lounge is!). The place was cool and caters to high end tourists. So, we did some more fantasizing.

After our business visits, we split up and wandered around the old city, which is spectacular. Many of us did some serious shopping, too.

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