Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Long Day

Yesterday was a really long day so we didn't have time to post anything. The good news is that it was jam-packed with educational business visits. We rose early and took a bus to Chromo-Agros, a pesticide and agricultural chemical company out in the boondocks. The most interesting part of the visit was a trip to the factory where they bottled their products. The machines that put on the bottles' screw tops and the labels were really cool!

Next we took the bus to Coca-Cola and had a really interesting presentation about the Coke Hellenic group. We learned about their market share, hiring processes, and interest in sustainability. We also got to tour their bottling plant,which put the one at Chromo-Agros to shame.

Afterwards, we travelled to Geofoto, a smaller company that provides computer enhanced images to governments around the world and groups such as the US Navy. It's like a high tech version of Google Earth. The best part of that visit, besides listening to their company presentation on a nice veranda, was looking at the 3-D images.

Finally, we went to the International Graduate Business School and heard Kelley Professor Larry Friedman talk about the global economic crisis and what he thinks should be done to improve it. He is an excellent presenter and did a great job catering to the interests of not only our students, but also to some IGBS grad students and faculty who attended.
All of these visits occurred between 8:30 and 4:00 with NO lunch! We were starving, so IGBS ordered some pizza for us after Professor Friedman's talk. We also drank lots of Fanta.

The students thoroughly enjoyed our last night in Zagreb, too, as it was very hard to wake some of them up this morning.

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