Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Day in Dubrovnik

Today is the last day of our trip (minus the 24 hours of travelling we'll do to get home tomorrow). We spent the morning with Juge, our tour guide. She took us to the old city and gave us an hour tour. We learned that much of the city had been bombed during the 1991-92 war with Serbia. The city looks really old, but many of the buildings and roofs are reconstructed. For Americans, it's difficult to understand why anyone would want to destroy such a wonderful piece of cultural heritage.

After the tour, several groups of students and chaperones paid to walk along the city walls. This was highly recommended by last year's Croatia group, and it was well worth the 50 kuna price. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't ideal. It was very windy and it even snowed!! Yet we all were really happy we did it, and we got great pictures.

We did our last shopping (and old town Dubrovnik is a great place for that!) and took naps. Our last meal in Croatia was at a restaurant near to our hotel and it was a very enjoyable last evening out. What good memories!

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