Friday, March 20, 2009

Three Tours and One Long Bus Ride

After waiting for Abbas to do his hair, we began a series of of tours in the Split area. First we drove to Salona, a "town" of Roman ruins. The weather was great so it was a beautiful promenade among the old stones.

Afterwards we took the bus to the town of Trogir. Trogir is a small medieval town filled with narrow, winding streets. It was neat because there were very few cars. The highlight of Trogir was its church. Neat stonework surrounded the front entry. The stoneworker had carved scenes of various occupations, including winemaking and farming. Inside, our favorite thing was a ceiling sculpture that showed God descending from the heavens.

Finally, we toured downtown Split around Diocletian's Palace. We loved the winding, narrow streets and the touristy shops. Our favorite spot was probably the basement of Diocletian's living quarters - it was dark and had a very old feel, but was filled with neat shops

After grabbing lunch, we boarded the bus and headed towards Dubrovnik. Our drive was 4 hours and we got to briefly enter Bosnia-Herzogovina. We even made a pitstop so we could say we walked around Bosnia.

Upon arrival at our hotel, we had a group dinner thatleft something to be desired. our hotel is pretty nice, but it is swarming with teenage soccer player who are "active." Between our loud American group and the soccer players, I think the hotel staff will be happy for the week to be over!

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