Monday, March 23, 2009

Home safe and sound

We made it home! It was a very long day, with a bit of stress at the beginning. We woke up around 4 am and the bus left the hotel at 5 am to drive to the airport nearest to Dubrovnik. We arrived to find that our flight was most likely cancelled due to high wind. We also discovered that our seats hadn't been properly reserved. The good news was that the people who had seats were all put on a bus to drive 3 hours to Split to fly from there. Less than an hour later, the winds died down and our flight took off with us on board (since most of the passengers were on a bus!). So, we landed in Zagreb and caught our next flight to Frankfurt without too much hassle.

We got to Frankfurt with 5 minutes before our overseas flight boarded. No time to shop, unfortunately! After a brisk walk through the airport, we were loaded onto our plane and ready for some long napping. The flight was long, but we all watched movies and slept a little. The worst part of the trip was a 6 hour layover in Washington, D.C. We played games, napped, called our parents and friends, and found lots to eat. It was nice finally being in the States! At 10 pm we left for Indianapolis. We got in around midnight, got our luggage - Yeah! It all made it!! - and took a bus to Kelley. It was about a 24 hour trip home, but so worth it!

Wednesday we'll have class together and it will be fun to be reunited. Class will be dedicated to debriefing the trip and thinking about ways to improve it. Based on our experiences, I don't think there's much to improve!

Thanks to everyone who was involved with the trip planning and facilitation. It was quite a success!

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