Saturday, March 14, 2009

We made it!

After a very long journey, we finally made it to Zagreb. We had a long layover in Washington, DC and passed the time playing games (see photo below). Our next flight took us to Frankfort, Germany, and it took about 8 hours. Some slept better than others. The Frankfort airport was a nightmare! There were no clear instructions and no one was around to help us. We were lost for a while, but we finally got checked in at the correct location and took a bumpy ride to Zagreb. Our plane had another group of Americans - 43 of them making a pilgrimmage to Croatia.

Zagreb is surprisingly beautiful and we're all excited to be here. I think most of us went out for a walk right away. Our hotel is in a convenient location and there are lots of parks and boulevards for walking safely. We even ran into a St. Patrick's Day festival and saw men in kilts and heard live Irish rock music. Getting to the historic city center is an easy walk, and we're looking forward to a tour with a guide tomorrow morning. It will be nice to see more and to learn more about this city.


  1. we are sooo glad that you all made it safely~!!
    love the pics
    keep them coming
    dan and sally turnbull

  2. Jimmy,
    We're (me, my mom, and aunt kathy) are so happy you made it safe! Have fun.. we'll be checking the blog all week, so post some cool pictures!


  3. we are so happy to see the photographs,you guys look amazing,keep posting the photographs.
    enjoy your self Abbas.
    Ma & Ba